Welcome to the W4CLJ "Amateur (HAM) Radio"  web site.  This site provides related information that may be of value to both the seasoned operator and the newcomer.

Amateur radio exists as a hobby because of its value as a service and its tradition of developing and improving various communication technologies. It offers countless opportunities for short and long range voice and data communication for fun, for general public service and in support of first responders during emergency situations.

Amateur radio is rooted in the collective knowledge, skills, and abilities of its many licensed "hams".  It would be nearly impossible to address every facet of the hobby in this limited forum. Ham radio is not just an exciting hobby. It is also an educational tool that enables operators to make contact with those in other countries and develop a better understanding of the many cultures and practices throughout the world.

Hams have always been good will ambassadors, willing to assist others at every opportunity. So, use the menu at the left to navigate through the site and find out more.