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The following list of equipment is posted for sale or trade.

This page will be updated frequently so come back often.

Trades are preferred




Inmarsat "L" band 25 Element Loop Yagi


Assembled but has never been outside. $50 or trade. Details.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

MFJ Model 1279 Deluxe Sound Card Radio Interface


$25 plus shipping.  Click here for picture.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Icom F21GM GMRS Handheld Excellent

GMRS Transceiver. GMRS License Required. $50 or trade. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Hewlett Packard Model 5316A Universal Counter Excellent

Multi-function. Laboratory grade equipment. $60 or trade.  Click here for picture. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

CISCO Fast Hub 108T Excellent

Professional 8-port fast ethernet hub with internal power supply. $30 or trade.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Timewave PK-232USB Excellent

Multimode digital interface.  $75. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

KAM-Plus Good

Packet Interface/TNC. - $15.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Bearcat BC796D Trunktracker IV Like New

 P25 card already installed.  $130 plus shipping. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Down East Microwave 6M transverter Like New

Uses 28MHz IF.  25W output.  $150 plus shipping or trade.  Click here and here for pictures.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

7 element M2 2 meter yagi. Like New

Excellent gain for the serious VHF DXer. $100.  Pickup only. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Pair of 2meter MOXON antennas with M2 2-port power divider. New

Small foot print but moderate gain.Tested then stored. $125 plus shipping or trade. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Motorola GM-300 UHF Repeater Good condition

Programmed to your frequency.  $150 plus shipping or comparable trade.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

2.5 Sections of Rohn 45 Tower Good condition $80.  You transport.
Whistler Model 1065 Scanner Like New

In original box. $180 plus shipping. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Radioddity GD-77 Dual Band DMR Transceiver Excellent $80. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net . Great Handheld.  Will program with your DMR ID.
Tytera MD-2017 DMR Handheld Like New

Top of the line DMR Handheld.  Fully loaded.  Includes Battery, external Mic, charger, and battery eliminator for mobile operation.  $160.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.nett

TDR-6100 UHF DMR Transceiver Excellent

45 Watt mobile DMR/Analog Traansceiver with accessories. Programmed with your DMR ID.  $200 or trade.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

Shark OpenSpot Excellent

Hotspot for DMR and/or DSTAR. $180 plus shipping. Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

iCOM ID-51A DSTAR Handheld Excellent

Includes desk charger.  $200 or Trade.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

80 Watt DMR Amplifier New

$160 or Trade.  Contact W4CLJ@arrl.net

    All items available from W4CLJ Unless otherwise noted

If interested, email W4CLJ@W4CLJ.COM