Virtual Tail gate

The following list of equipment is posted for sale or trade.

This page will be updated frequently so come back often.

Trades are preferred




Connect Systems CS-800 Analog/DMR UHF Digital transceiver

Like New.

$240 plus shipping or comparable trade

Inmarsat "L" band 25 Element Loop Yagi


Assembled but has never been outside. $50 or trade. Details.

MFJ Model 1279 Deluxe Sound Card Radio Interface


$25 plus shipping.  Click here for picture.

Icom F21GM GMRS Handheld Excellent GMRS Transceiver. GMRS License Required. $50 or trade
Hewlett Packard Model 5316A Universal Counter Excellent Multi-function. Laboratory grade equipment. $60 or trade.  Click here for picture.
CISCO Fast Hub 108T Excellent Professional 8-port fast ethernet hub with internal power supply. $30 or trade.
Timewave PK-232USB Excellent Multimode digital interface.  $75
KAM-Plus Good Packet Interface/TNC. - $15
Cushcraft 440MHz 4-Pole Antenna Good $25 plus shipping
Down East Microwave 6M transverter Like New Uses 28MHz IF.  25W output.  $150 plus shipping or trade.  Click here and here for pictures.
7 element M2 2 meter yagi. Like New Excellent gain for the serious VHF DXer. $100.  Pickup only
Pair of 2meter MOXON antennas with M2 2-port power divider. New Small foot print but moderate gain.Tested then stored. $125 plus shipping or trade
Motorola GM-300 UHF Repeater Good condition Programmed to your frequency.  $150 plus shipping or comparable trade
2.5 Sections of Rohn 45 Tower Good condition Trade for 3 sections of Rohn 25.  You transport.
Rowetel SM1000 Digital Voice Unit Like New Work digital voice on all bands (HF/VHF/UHF) $85 plus shipping.  Click here for picture.

All items available from W4CLJ

If interested, email W4CLJ@W4CLJ.COM